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  1. MinTech is a group of companies specializing in the development, production, marketing and sales of many different kinds of industrial mineral....

    MinTech (Tianjin) Minerals Co., Ltd.
    Address:Wuqing Hi-Tech Zone Tianjin, P. R. China
    Tel :86-22-82127733/7755/7799
    Fax :86-22-82127711
    Postal Code:301700
    We promise to offer:
    · Efficient and effective commercial, logistics, and technical services.
    · Short lead order - delivery schedules.
    ·Consistent supply.
    · Customized products upon request. Because of the strong technical background of our team, we can meet customer's request for customized products in most cases.
    ·Competitive pricing.
    Copyright 2009 All rights reserved:MinTech (Tianjin) Minerals Co., Ltd.
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